You've heard Bitcoin fuels the climate crisis, but did you know a software code change could clean it up? Sign the petition to tell big tech and finance corporations
to stop Bitcoin from polluting the planet.

Get the real side of the

Did you know?


Recent estimates show Bitcoin uses more electricity than all of Sweden.

And it’s quickly surpassing more countries, according to the University of Cambridge. Unless its price is decoupled from its energy use, Bitcoin will drive devastating climate impacts.


Bitcoin alone could help warm the planet more than 2 degrees.

A report in the journal Nature Climate Change found that if Bitcoin becomes widely adopted, it could produce enough carbon dioxide emissions to warm the planet above 2 degrees Celsius.  


Bitcoin is resurrecting fossil fuels.

Bitcoin requires so much power that its “miners” have started buying US coal plants. They’re using fracked gas and are striking deals with the oil industry in Texas to use flare gas to fuel their operations.


A software code change would reduce Bitcoin’s energy use by 99.9%.

Switching to a low-energy protocol has proven effective and uses a fraction of the energy. Ethereum has changed its code. Many others use less energy. Why isn’t Bitcoin?

We know enough.
It’s time to act.


    Our Vision

    We know the problem. Bitcoin uses an outdated technology called proof-of-work to validate transactions. This proof-of-work method, at least as it currently operates, uses massive amounts of energy, and thus is a huge source of climate pollution. As Bitcoin's price surges, so, too does its energy use.

    We know Bitcoin stakeholders are incentivized not to change. Changing Bitcoin would render a whole lot of expensive infrastructure worthless, meaning Bitcoin stakeholders will need to walk away from sunk costs — or find other creative solutions.

    We know the crypto community is overwhelmingly motivated by a sense of progress, fairness, and good intentions. Many advocates are vocal about addressing climate change. The dream of so many early crypto innovators is within reach — but only if the industry gets serious about crypto that runs on low energy.

    We know crypto doesn’t need much energy to work. Many newer cryptocurrencies are low consumers of energy or carbon-neutral because they use a better model: proof-of-stake.

    We know a basic software code change would reduce Bitcoin’s energy use by 99.9%. If only 30 people — the key miners, exchanges, and core developers who build and contribute to Bitcoin’s code — agreed to reinvent proof-of-work mining or move to a low-energy protocol, Bitcoin would stop polluting the planet. So why isn’t Bitcoin changing its code?

    We know who wields influence over the crypto community, from big tech to big banks. Leaders like Elon Musk of Tesla, Jack Dorsey of Block, and Abby Johnson of Fidelity have vested interests in Bitcoin — and the power to affect change. BlackRock, Goldman Sachs, PayPal and many others have a responsibility to help Clean Up Bitcoin.

    We call on leaders in tech
    and finance to use their
    power to stop Bitcoin
    from wasting ours.

    Take action

    Together, we can clean up Bitcoin. Use your voice to call in those who can make it happen.

    Ethereum just saved millions of megawatts. Bitcoin?

    Ethereum just cut energy use by 99.9%. There are 7.5 BILLION reasons why Bitcoin should do the same.

    Hey Bitcoin, Ethereum just proved that cutting your energy use by 99% is a lot easier than polluting the planet.

    Stop wasting HUGE amounts of energy.

    Bitcoin needs to cut the excuses.

    Ethereum can't cut the bull$#*!.

    Does Bitcoin use more than all of Sweden, hell, ja.

    Jack Dorsey has pivoted his career to support Bitcoin mining.

    Fidelity is a major investor in Bitcoin mining.

    Elon Musk is a vocal proponent of Bitcoin.


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